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We believe in not only developing as an athlete individually, but in a team atmosphere as well. Join one of our many camps throughout the year to help take your athlete to the next level!

Middle Infielder's Difference Maker's Camp - $199

Date: 1/15/2022 - 2/26/2022

The Athletic Performance Factory will be hosting a 7-week Difference Makers Middle Infielders Class starting on Saturday, January 15th and concluding on Saturday, February 26th. This class will be run by Flash Baseball Infield Coach Vincent Tornincasa.

Area of Emphasis Include:
* Pre-pitch routine
* Development of pre-field/post-field footwork patterns
* 5 common footwork patterns
* Right footed on the run plays
* Efficiently turning double plays
* Mastering the flip exchange (fingers down/thumb down)
* Advanced specialty tandem and team catch play
* Developing a daily catch play routine
* Efficient infield pop-up footwork and drop-steps
* Tagging and short-hop tagging
* Versatile glove skills and positioning
* Development of rhythm and timing
* Relay footwork
* Mental skills development
* Unique hand-eye reaction drills (glove and non-glove skills)
* Stretching and flexibility
* Situational awareness development

Arm Care/Long Toss 9U-16U Camp - $199

Date: 1/15/2022 - 2/26/2022

Arm Care/Long Toss Camp!!!
Jaeger Band (J-Band) arm care "pre-hab so the player doesn't have to re-hab". A player only has one arm and if they can't play defense or throw then the arm becomes a liability. A player wants their arm to be an asset so they stay in the line-up. Bands have been around for many decades in the concept of post-surgery and rehabilitation, but research has shown that using J-Bands prior to throwing in beneficial and effective. Arm Care teaches you how to "know your number". This represents your baseline and is used to monitor the health and growth of your arm. Throwing is more than just being injury-free. Knowing your number teaches the player "what's in your arm" which means the player can find out how healthy, strong, and durable their arm can be.

Long toss allows the player to train their arm in how to extend out, progressively, to it's furthest potential distance and then, learning how to translate that into the game. There is no substitution for throwing and therefore Long Toss is the most important course of action to undertake for your arm in preparation for gameplay. Long toss eliminates the mental worries of the player (throwing over partner, skipping into someone, hurting another player) so that the player can learn how to throw with INTENT. The body can do amazing things when it is introduced, in a progressive manner, to higher volumes and thresholds of throwing. Long toss allows the player to meet these standards by creating an environment free of mental distractions and safe for high velocity and distance throws.

There are no makeup dates or refunds if session(s) are missed.

Catcher's Winter Camp - 7 weeks - $199

Date: 1/15/2022 - 2/26/2022

The catcher is an invaluable member of the team. He is the only player who sees all aspects of the field. He learns how to read players, understand the game, and how to interact with the ball. This course teaches player-specific stretches for their body so the player can be ready to play the most demanding position in baseball. The instructor (Coach Sam Momcilovic) teaches catchers how to block, receive, and frame pitches. The catcher will learn how to engage with the umpire and how to analyze all aspects of the game including the mental and physical dynamics on and off the field.

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